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Our Solutions

Casual Staff

White collar & Blue collar experienced casual staff are available on an hourly hire basis from as little as four hours through to a permanent casual all year round arrangement. Ideal for coverage of sick leave, maternity leave, annual leave or simply just to cover peaks in work flow. Whether it's a last minute emergency or a planned staffing requirement WhiteCollarBlue has casual staff ready to help you.

Fixed term contract staff

Utilising Fixed Term contract staff is similar to the flexibility of casual staff, the difference being the casual staff are from the outset, engaged for a fixed tenure allowing consistency of staff productivity and minimisation of the effects and costs of casual staff turnover through the uncertainty of work duration.

Temp to perm staff

Temporary with view to permanent is a popular option for most companies that are looking to recruit permanent staff but want to minimise the Risks, Costs and Exposure which too often comes from a wrong hiring decision. WhiteCollarBlue will recruit a casual employee who meets the personal and position profile criteria for the permanent vacancy you have available, advising the candidate of the potential for the position to go permanent dependant on their suitability. We will payroll the casual for an agreed trial period (after which no fee will be applicable if you decide to make an offer) allowing you to assess their suitability before the possible offer of permanent employment.

Modulated recruitment

This is where we can provide assistance to the hiring of one or more staff members by performing the time consuming and less critical modules of the permanent recruitment process but leaving you in the driving seat of the overall hiring process and timelines through your hands on involvement in the areas of the process you wish to manage.

Permanent recruitment

This full recruitment service offers an extensive process that is started with the Client position briefing and finishing with the appointment of candidates coupled with ongoing candidate care to ensure they settle in to their new role. We work closely with our Clients ensuring we recognise the key attributes sought in searching, Screening and selecting the right candidate that not only matches from a skills and experience prospective but also compliments the environment with a cohesive personality and cultural match. We offer tailored assessments; psychometric evaluations and skills based testing for all positions.

Retained services

This service, which is especially popular with companies that have ongoing or regular recruitment needs, provides the client with an exclusive outsourced recruitment function whereby on an agreed monthly rate - recruitment services are customised and provided all inclusive of the ongoing monthly fee.